How to Thrive During Recession

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When you hear everyone talking about recession, it tends to bring up feelings of negativity andthat generally doesn't feel very good. So lets see if we can find a way neutralise it.

To start things off lets look at the word "recession". Economists have their definition, which really doesn't mean much to most people but in reality, recession is a receding, a contraction or a becoming smaller in some way. It means there is the impression that less exists where before there was more.

If you think about in terms of the sea, the tide constantly moves, when the tide goes out, it gives the impression that the sea has receded. In reality though, the water has simply flowed elsewhere, there's still an abundance of water that's always there.

Knowing that a recession then, is simply an "appearance" of something becoming less, we can then focus on what is REAL.

What exactly is REAL?

REAL, comes from the Spanish word meaning Royal (of the King) and if you think of a kingdom, what is "of the king"? Everything, and everyone, abides by the King. In this sense, your true Self is the king and the universe is Self's kingdom.

So focusing on what's real, means to focus on all possibilities existing at the same time and that you can choose to see whatever you want (and this requires you to be aware of the thoughts that you are taking as real).

With the awareness that all possibilities exist at the same time, you can choose to see that abundance is the order of the day and it all starts with being open to the possibility that you can have this reality.

So lets look at the practicalities of this, you say that you're in debts and don't have the money to pay for them, the appearance is that there's not enough money to cover all the bills. Is that REAL? You may say, "Yes, it's a fact that my bank account is bare", but can you categorically, 100%, know that the money to cover the bills won't show up? My guess is that you don't know that absolutely, it's simply a belief based on what you see in front of you. And a belief is just something you keep telling yourself that you have accepted as true.

So if you don't know with absolute certainty that the money to cover your bills won't show up, Where does that take you?

It takes you to "I don't know". It's not very comfortable at first to say that because we all like to think that we have all the answers and we like to think that we know where we're going, but in truth, very few of us truly know anything. And that's OK.

Having arrived at "I don't know", we are then free/open to the possibility of having a solution present itself. You may begin to have thoughts of exciting new possibilities that inspire you to try new things, take steps that you hadn't previously considered, but it all start with allowing yourself to be "open to the possibility" of goodness to come to you. After all, all the abundance is still there, it's just that a majority of people began to focus on the lack, instead of the abundance.

The bottom line is that you have a choice even though on the surface it seems that you don't. The choice comes with being open to the possibilities that goodness CAN come to you regardless of what anyone else is going through. It all depends on what story you choose to tell yourself, and you do have the choice of telling yourself a story that feels great to you, if you just bring some awareness.

In summary,

1.You have the appearance of something, that doesn't feel good to you
2.You ask yourself, is this appearance the truth?
3.Do you know that with absolute 100% certainty? (In other words, is it possible that an alternative scenario exists?)
4.Chances are that you don't know with certainty and an alternative scenario is always possible, so you come back and sit with, "I don't know".
5.Out of the "I don't know" comes the opening for possibilities that goodness can come to you.
6.You begin to enjoy thoughts of exciting new possible futures and feel better about your prospects
7.You take action through inspiration (as opposed to desperation) and life starts to feel good.
8.New opportunities and fortuitous meetings begin to show up and you get back on track.
9.Life's good, it always is.

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How to Thrive During Recession

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This article was published on 2010/03/27