How to Strive in a Recession

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I've noticed that there are some people who complete ignore the media. They succeed no matter what the economy's status. I've also noticed there are millions that take all this recession talk to heart and go bankrupt. Of course the opposite was also true when the economy was doing great. The individual can survive when the economy won't help. The banks caused the current economic downturn despite the individual's hard work. Your financial future does not depend on world economics; it depends on your personal devotion to success.

The first thing you must do to insure your success in this current situation is to turn off the television. The media wants ratings and they do that by telling only bad news. Bad news about the economy is not what anybody who wants to be successful needs to hear. In general, the more you hear something the more you remember it, the more you remember it the more you believe it. If you keep listening to the media you'll start believing you won't have a job or be able to pay your mortgage. So turn the TV off and get your news from an outlet where you can ignore the recession reports and focus on the real news.

Now that you've ended the constant stream of negative energy from entering your mind, you should start to plan your success. Plan everything about it. Find an alternative way of making money and follow through. If you are internet savvy you might try blogging or internet marketing. If you love meeting new people and helping them succeed do network marketing. You aren't looking for something that will make a little money on the side. You need to find something you like doing and that can make you a living so you don't have to depend on the economics of your local area. Then you must make a game plan and include everything you need to do from training to completion in small manageable steps.

When you have your plan start telling everyone you know about it. When you share your plan you make yourself follow through. One of the odd traits of humans is that we are more willing to disappoint ourselves than others. So when you tell everyone about the plan you would rather follow through than look like a failure in their eyes.

The other reason you need to tell others is to inspire them to follow your lead and strive through this recession. The more people trying to succeed in these rough times the more people will succeed. Pretty soon we can stop all those reports of a recession just through our own desire to be successes. If we can get enough people on their feet we cancel the effect the banks have had on our economy. We can make this recession reach its crest early and break. We can allow all those poor folks who still depend on the economy to strive as well.

So ignore the media, find a living, plan to succeed, and help others succeed and you will laugh in the face of this recession and all other hard times. You will be recession proof.

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How to Strive in a Recession

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This article was published on 2010/03/30