A Teacher's Job is Recession Proof!

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For people who are worried about the recession and the possible impact it may have on their jobs and careers, there is one profession that may not readily stand out as being 'recession proof' but which definitely is, and that is teaching!

Teaching is one profession that is always required, with children always needing to be educated, which means teachers very seldom lose their jobs through recession.

Most teachers who leave the profession do so on the grounds of ill health, because they fancy a change or because their personal circumstances change.  Some may also be dismissed for some kind of misconduct, which is actually quite rare, but it is rarer still for a teacher to be made redundant.  Which is exceptionally good news for teachers!

Schools do sometimes amalgamate, resulting in some teachers losing their jobs, but often they can be accommodated in the new school and the amalgamation is not usually the result of recession, more government policy.  So it doesn't matter how the economy is performing, your job will still be safe.

Salaries for teachers are also not linked to company shares or how successful the school is, so again, there are salary increases, usually annually, that are not linked to the recession.

So if you are considering a career that is relatively safe from the vagaries of the recession, that can offer a pretty good salary, with lots of paid holidays every year and you enjoy the challenge of working with children then consider teaching as a career.  Very few jobs are actually recession proof and yet teaching is a really safe and secure career to go into.  There is also the prospect of a very good pension available at the end of your career! Obviously it requires educational qualifications and a teaching qualification, but armed with those, the world can look very secure indeed!

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A Teacher's Job is Recession Proof!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31